Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Journey To The Past

Reliving Old Memories
When I first created this blog it was with the intention that I use it to post some old and new pictures of my family and myself. Time has changed all of that. Now I am drawn to the Photography side of things, its just a hobby, but still one of my many passions in life. So I've decided to get some of the old photo albums out and continue on from where I left off. 

This is me when I was younger, drawing on the chalk board at Church.

One of my many Passport Photo's.

Me and Katie J in the Chapel car park. We had just had our faces painted.
And in case you don't know already, we went with the Tiger look.

My Brother Richard, Chris and Claire Johnson.

The Bigger Picture

Kelling Heath Holiday. Me and my friend Diana Borley. Her Family and my family met at Kelling Heath.
For many years after both our family's would go on our yearly holiday there. It was quite funny how we 
both were there the same week. 

All the kids from both our family's.

Me and Rich at home.

Cornwall holiday. At the seaside. It was pretty cold that day.

Also Cornwall at the beach.

Me and my little toy kitten Louise.

I was eight years old when I first learnt how to ride a bike. I didn't ride it again until two years later.
Because I had left it so long, I had forgotten how to ride the thing and my Dad had to teach me all over again. Unfortunately I don't have one anymore.

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