Monday, 19 March 2012

The Queens Visit To Leicester 2012

The Queens Diamond Jubilee 
Leicester Visit 2012

On Thursday 8th March the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and the Duchess of Cambridge 
came to visit Leicester. Their first stop, after arriving on the train, was 
De Montfort University and Magazine Square.

Second Stop: Leicester Cathedral (first ever visit in her 60 year reign)

Third Stop: A Private Lunch at St Martin's House

And Lastly: The Clock Tower on Gallowtree Gate (town)

My mum, best friend and I walked into town, arriving at 8:50am. 
Having had no breakfast we decided to go to McDonald's, after finding a place to stand.
 We managed to get a nice spot next to where 
the paparazzi would be standing later. That meant we got the best view of the stage that was set up.
There were Police everywhere, snipers on the roof. It was crazy! 
The entertainment and Camera Crews arrived about 2 hours before. I was lucky enough to
get on the East Midlands News shown later that night.
We stood for just over 6 hours in total, but was well worth it in the end.