Saturday, 22 October 2011

Behind The Scenes

New Project

Now that I have finished my America pictures, I have nothing left to edit.
Katie J and I had a great idea for her new Behind The Scenes Blog. 
And that's where I get involved. 
We went round all the different parks we have taken pictures at and took 
some video's and more photos which will be edited and posted on the new blog.
Right now the videos are a work in progress so..........
here are some pictures to tide you over with until then.

Be ready

Friday, 21 October 2011


Here & Now

Katie Johnson and I have been Best Friends since we first met at the age of 2.
Over the years our friendship has grown. 
She's now like a sister to me. 
My other half.
My Twin.

Kelling Heath is my second home. It is where my family and I have been going for our holiday's each year
since I was a baby. This year Katie joined us. It was nice to have her there and share all my memories with
her. Hopefully they'll be more to come.

Abbey Park

Credits go to Katie J for these photos. 
Copyright to KeJohnsonPhotography

Follow these links to see more:
Carry on through each part.


Katie's Kittens. Steve Nebeker (Dad's old friend/companion) is an Amazing artist. He drew these pictures and sent them all the way over from Washington, America.

Christmas Day

Me & Katie J at Bradgate Park. My Dad took these pics.

Majorca Holiday 2006

The Family standing in front of our hotel.

My Dad and his Mum (Nana)

Remember this pushchair, well I still have it to this day. My little Niece Erin plays with it now.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Journey To The Past

Reliving Old Memories
When I first created this blog it was with the intention that I use it to post some old and new pictures of my family and myself. Time has changed all of that. Now I am drawn to the Photography side of things, its just a hobby, but still one of my many passions in life. So I've decided to get some of the old photo albums out and continue on from where I left off. 

This is me when I was younger, drawing on the chalk board at Church.

One of my many Passport Photo's.

Me and Katie J in the Chapel car park. We had just had our faces painted.
And in case you don't know already, we went with the Tiger look.

My Brother Richard, Chris and Claire Johnson.

The Bigger Picture

Kelling Heath Holiday. Me and my friend Diana Borley. Her Family and my family met at Kelling Heath.
For many years after both our family's would go on our yearly holiday there. It was quite funny how we 
both were there the same week. 

All the kids from both our family's.

Me and Rich at home.

Cornwall holiday. At the seaside. It was pretty cold that day.

Also Cornwall at the beach.

Me and my little toy kitten Louise.

I was eight years old when I first learnt how to ride a bike. I didn't ride it again until two years later.
Because I had left it so long, I had forgotten how to ride the thing and my Dad had to teach me all over again. Unfortunately I don't have one anymore.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

America (Part 32)

The Final Chapter
A year ago today (15/10/10) my family and I were on our way home from an Amazing 2 & a half weeks in America.
We went to: New York, Salt Lake, Las Vegas and LA.
It has taken me exactly a whole year to edit every single picture we took whilst there, 
but has been worth the wait. 

Finishing off where we began: New York.
We flew from LAX airport to JFK. We had to wait for 5 hours for our next flight which would 
take us back home. Because we had loads of time, we decided to check in our luggage early.
At 9:00pm we boarded the plane. The flight lasted just over 7 hours long. Our luggage was waiting 
for us at London Heathrow, it had come on the flight before ours. We had to wait another 2 & a half hours for our coach back to Leicester. Then Home Sweet Home. 
First thing I did when we got home was take a shower, then go on my laptop. 
It was the Best Holiday Ever!!! 

Flying into JFK airport, you can see the New York skyline.

Sadly that's the end of My America Holiday.
Hope you enjoyed each part as much as I did editing them.

America (Part 31)

Universal Studios Day 2: Is still on the tour round all of the different sets. 

This was inside a train station, set to have an earthquake along with many explosions.

The water mains burst.

I think this is Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives, but I could be wrong.

The tour ended so we headed over to the rides :)

This was the last show we went to before going to the gift-shops. It was a water show that had actors and 
actresses from all different kinds of TV shows like: 9O21O, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl and many more.
Each section of seats had their very own actor who got us to try and get the other teams wet by cheering the loudest. If we lost, then we got wet. It was Brilliant. GO TEAM MIDDLE!!!

The airplane in this picture literally came from over the top of the set and landed just behind the barrier. 
It was so scary, I thought it was going to land right on top of us.