Thursday, 6 October 2011

America (Part 25)

Los Angeles (LA) was our last stop. We flew from Las Vegas to Long Beach, hired a car, and drove to LA. Before booking into our hotel we made what was suppose to be a quick stop at the LA Temple. Turned out we were there for over an hour, Richard was sat waiting in the car, he was not happy. As we were pulling into the hotel, we saw a Ferrari getting towed. Funny thing was that the very next day we saw a Lamborghini getting towed away aswell. I made a joke saying: What's next, an Aston Martin. After that we got some lunch at Subway (Yummy) and took a stroll down the Walk Of Fame. Since we only had two days to spend in LA we decided to use our two day passes to Universal Studios. 

LA Temple

Ferrari being towed.


Hollywood sign


It was a hot day, we were tired, and yet my Dad had to get a picture of us all
with the Hollywood sign in the background.

Walk Of Fame

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