Wednesday, 5 October 2011

America (Part 24)

Sunday night we visited with Craig & Cheryl at their lovely home and then went out for dinner. Now I know we're not suppose to spend money on a Sunday, but they payed and it was also the only time we could see them. The next day we had so many other people to meet, starting with Bill (aka. Santa) and Linda Coutta. We stayed with them and their family for lunch. They have a swimming pool in their back garden (yard) so we got in a little swim before eating. Like the saying: never swim on a full stomach. Straight after that we headed out to Jeff & Mary Simkins for dinner. Each night we would end up going back to Vic & Charlene's before heading back to the hotel. That night was the last visit with them, so we got some pictures. 

Craig, Cheryl, my Family and I.

Steve Nebeker

Bill & Linda Coutta

Their swimming pool :) Just like to point out, that pool was freezing. But it was a beautiful summers day.

Jeff, Mary & Family

Vic & Charlene

Steve, Vic and my Dad

Well that's it for Vegas. Next up is LA :)

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