Thursday, 30 June 2011

America (Part 8)

General Conference was one of the many amazing things we managed to see on our holiday. Not only did we get tickets for the two Sunday sessions, we also got very good seats for the both. We were up bright and early Sunday 3rd October, ready for Conference at 10am. It was such a beautiful day that we thought we'd take some pictures before going inside.

The Old Conference Center

And the New Conference Center

Taken in 2nd session

Monday morning my parents and my brother went back for a tour round the grounds
and inside the Conference Center. (along with other buildings)

This building is where all the Quorum Of The Twelve live. The window on the top far left
is where President Monson and his wife lives. It is also the room in which previous
Presidents of the Church lived in.

The view

I think this was taken in some sort of garden on top of a roof.

The Salt Lake Temple from up high

End of part 8. I will be posting Part 9 after my holiday.

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