Friday, 3 June 2011

America (Part 4)

These next set of pictures were taken whilst visiting the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island. Like for most things, we had to queue first before the next step of our journey.

The view from the ferry:
Looking back at New York City

Looking onward to the Lady herself:
The Statue Of Liberty

The Statue Of Liberty

My Dad and the Statue

My Brother Richard and the Statue

Me and my brother David (didn't want one on my own)

Thought this was funny so I took a picture of it.

View of New York from Liberty Island

Richard wanted me to take a pic of him holding up the Skyline (New York)

My Dad wanted some family pics of us all together

I love this picture of my brother's and I

My Mum and Dad with Ellis Island in the background

The Statue Of Liberty from behind

I saw the flag and thought why not :)

Me and the Family and the Ellis Island sign

The inside of a museum on Ellis Island

My Dad took this picture. The boat is named after me lol

The museum from a distance

The Statue Of Liberty from a distance

Back on solid ground, first thing we see is a fountain.

David decides to go and pose in it

End of Part 4. Part 5, we'll see.

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