Wednesday, 15 June 2011

America (Part 6)

New York to Salt Lake took us just over 5 hours on the plane, but it was worth the wait. The mountains were stunning, though we couldn't see much when we landed since it was getting dark by that time. We were picked up by Michelle Young who's family we were staying with for this part of our holiday. Here are some pictures my brothers and I took of the scenery on our journey to the Young's home.

This is where we dropped off our friend Steve Nebeker. He was staying with his Aunt and Uncle.

This is the street the Young's live on. It had a very Desperate Housewives feel to it.

These were taken the next morning.

Michelle very kindly took us all, in her car, up one of the
mountains where her family have picnics sometimes.

End of Part 6. Part 7 will come in due time.

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