Monday, 15 August 2011

Kelling Heath (Part 5)

On Monday the family decided to get some fish and chips by the sea in Sheringham. On Wednesday it was the Nature and Nightjar Walk with Peter Walton (appeared on Springwatch). The Nature walk was in the day and we were the only ones there for it. The Nightjar walk was in the evening and many people showed up for that. My family and I have been going on the Nightjar walk ever since I was a little girl. Peter has been there since the beginning and over the years he's become a dear friend to us. Our time was coming to an end, but before we left we had to make another stop in Sheringham, only this time we went in style. The old steam trains were still running there. On the way back to catch our train we got some Bubblegum flavoured ice-cream. 

My Dad and Peter Walton

Kelling Heath's very own train stop.

To see more of this trip visit:

Sadly that's it for Kelling Heath. 
It will always be a second home to me. <3

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