Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Abbey Park

So i'm taking a break from my holiday to America pictures and focusing on some that I took earlier this year. Abbey Park is very popular when it comes to taking pictures, especially with my friends and I. My Best Friend Katie Johnson is one of the most talented photographers I know. Its a joy to see her progress in something she loves, and a pleasure to be taking pictures with her. This first picture is one both she and I took. The background is originally a wall but Katie has transformed them into a Paramore masterpiece. She has taken these three pictures and put them together to make them as one. So a big Thanks to Katie Johnson for this first picture. x


My Clairebear <3

A fountain

Thought this looked tropical.

Caught Claire when she wasn't looking. :)

This is a carved statue of some weird and wonderful creatures.

Pretty Flowers

One of my many favourite trees

The Lake

The Sun is slowly setting

Katie J

Next post will be pictures I took in Preston.

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