Monday, 21 July 2014

Parents Holz (Part 1)

Back again in sunny Tenerife!!

Not me but the parents. They never take me anywhere with them. To be honest I'm at an age now where I don't want to tag along with my parents. It's embarrassing to say the least.

My Dad has really gotten into photography these last few years or so. He takes his camera out with him on his lunch walks. I have to admit, he is quite the photographer. He's taken some exquisite pictures, ones I'm ashamed to admit I've stolen and used them on here. So any pictures you see that don't have my logo on them, yeah they would be either what my Dad has taken or my brother (I've stolen some of his as well).

These were taken last year. It's taken me this long to edit them, due to neglect mostly. I can never get in the mood to edit these days. Having been all round Leicester taking dozens of pictures of everything, there's little left out there to snap up. So I'm a little out of practise.

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