Saturday, 10 August 2013

Best Of Both Worlds

Its been the Best Summer we've had in years. And I have a Brand New Camera to capture it with. 
Hence the title Best Of Both Worlds.

So I started this Summer with just a small blue digital Nikon S3300 Coolpix camera, and now I have a beautiful Nikon D3000! It was just so unexpected and out of the blue. A friend of mine was selling his camera and my best friend recommended me to him. I've wanted this camera for a few years now but never had the money to buy it myself. My Dad was sweet enough to buy it for me. Thankyou so much Dad!!!

I was eager to test it out and so I spent one evening walking round the park with a few friends, taking pictures as we went. I'd asked Katie (best friend) to bring her camera, which is exactly the same as my new one, and show me how it worked and everything. Taking the same picture and then comparing the two afterwards to see how I could improve my composition and depth. I'm so grateful to have a friend with much experience in this as it helps me to understand more about her world of photography and the developing of my own. I owe it all to her. She is my inspiration! 

I love my little blue Nikon camera to bits and it pains me that I won't be using it as much anymore.
But I will continue to use my old camera for holidays and other events for which a smaller camera would be easier to carry around. But for more local events I shall use my new camera.

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