Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Kendal (Part 1)

Three weeks ago my Parents and I decided to take a trip up to Kendal to see some of my Mums old school friends. We then went to visit the school she used to attend when living there. My Mum used to tell me stories about how I was named after this school (Queen Katherine). All my Brothers were named after Kings, and when I came along my Mum thought of Katherine. Of course my Dad wanted something else (Katie) but since it happened  to be the short version of Katherine, they agreed that I would be known as Katie but that my actual name would be Katherine. And it stuck! I am still, to this day, known as Katie. 

Being intrigued as I was about where my name came from, we decided to visit the place in which the person's name I took was born. Queen Katherine Parr otherwise known as Henry VIII's sixth wife, once lived in Kendal Castle (shown below) with her family back in the 12th century. Today it stands as a ruin on top of what they call a 'Drumlin' (mound-like hill). The climb up was tiring and very slippery but was well worth it. 

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