Monday, 21 March 2011

America (Part 1)

I have finally made my first post of my America pictures. It has taken my a while to even dent the list of pics that I have. I will try to post them all by the end of this year. But for now here is Part 1.

My family and I went on holiday to America last September/October 2010 for 2 and a half weeks. It was Insanely Awesome! Our journey began in New York City and this is the first thing we saw whilst in JFK airport: The Big Apple :D

Our small but cozy room

Downtown New York (could be Uptown)

The Empire State Building

The View from Within

My Brother's standing next to the lady herself:
The Statue Of Liberty
(mini version)

King Kong Look-a-like

One of many models

Reflection in the mirror on the 86th floor

The Flag is Flying High

End of Part 1. Part 2 coming soon.........(hopefully)

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